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Ex.1. Look at the managers listed in A. Match each task (1-6) to the manager most likely to be responsible for doing it.

1 Meet with advertising agency to discuss new advertisements for the company's holidays.

2 Study possible new holiday destinations in detail.

3 See the research director to discuss new holiday destinations.

4 Contact newspapers to advertise new jobs.

5 Deal with complaints from customers.

6 Discuss sales figures with sales team.


Ex.2 Who's who on this company board? Look at В opposite and complete the diagram.

A name's Montebello and I'm president and CEO. We have some excellent people on our board, including two who are not involved in the day-to-day running of the company: Gomi and Jones.


B My name's Smith and it's my job to look after the accounts and balance the books. I work closely with Chang and Roberts, as they tell me what their departments need for marketing and research, and I allocate them an annual budget.


3 My name's Dawes and I head up personnel, on the same level in the company as Chang and Roberts.


Match up the verbs and nouns below to make common word combinations.

Delegate instructions

Give decisions

Make decision making

Motivate priority

Take responsibilities




Write notes for a short presentation on your company or a company you would like to work for. You should mention:

• what it does:

It designs / makes /provides / distributes/sells / offers / organizes / invests in, etc.

• where it is located:

It has offices / branches /subsidiaries / factories /stores, etc. in ...

• how it is structured and whether this a reason for its success: It consists of I includes / is divided into / is organized in, etc.

• why you want to work for this company.

Then give a short presentation to the class.

Unit II Management

Lead in

Describing companies

A. Which of these companies do you or would you like to work for?

1 a family-owned company

2 a multinational company

3 your own company (be self-employed)


B. Can you name a company in each of these business sectors? Is there one that you would like to work for?

• Telecommunications/Media • Banking and finance

• Food and drink • Engineering

• Transport • Retailing

• Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals • Manufacturing

• Another service industry • Construction

• IT/Electronics • Tourism


Ex.A. Complete the chart with the information in the box below. Then write sentences about the companies.

EXAMPLE: Sisco systems in an American company which supplies Internet equipment


American Express container-ship operator fashion/retail Finnish Japanese Korean Nokia oil and gas pharmaceuticals Toyota


Company Main activity Nationality

Cisco Systems Internet-equipment supplier American

___________ Car manufacturer ______________

Inditex ______________________ Spanish

___________ Travel and financial services provider American

Roche ______________________ Swiss

Samsung Electronic-goods maker ______________

___________ Telecommunications ______________

Hapag-Lioyd _____________________ German

Petrobras _____________________ Brazilian


Ex.B. Complete the sentences below with the words and phrases in the box.


head office market share net profit parent company share price subsidiary turnover workforce


1 The amount of money a company receives from sales in a particular period is

called its: turnover.

2 The money a company makes after taking away its costs and tax is its . . . . . . . . . . . . .

3 A company which owns another company is called a . . . . . . . . . . . ..

4 The employees in a particular country or business are called the . . . . . . . . . . . . .

5 The percentage of sales a company has in a particular market is its . . . . . . . . . . . . .

6 The main building or location of a large organization is its . . .. . ... . . . ..

7 The cost of a company's shares is its . . . . . . . . . . . . .

8 A company which is more than 50% owned by another company is called a . . . .


Ex.C Complete this extract from a company report with appropriate words or phrases from the box in Exercise B.


Financial performance I am pleased to say the parent company (1) has continued its excellent performance. We are changing, growing and doing well at a difficult time for the industry. ............. (2) was ?57.2 million - an increase of 15% on last year, and ........... (3) rose by 5% to ?6.4 million. We are a highly competitive business. We have increased our............ (4) to 20%. Consequently, our........... (5) has risen and is now at an all-time high of ?9.6. Increased production and strong demand have had a positive effect on our cash now, so we are able to finance a number of new projects. We have successfully moved to our new. .. . . . . . . . .. (6) in central London. We are now planning to start full production at the recently opened Spanish. .. . .. .. . . . . (7) in October. Finally, thanks once again to our loyal and dedicated............. (8) Our employees will always be our most valuable asset.


Ex.E Now talk in the same way about your own company or one you know well.

Which other companies in your country are doing well or not doing well at the moment?

CD1.18 Listen to the first part of an interview with Susan Barratt, the Chief

Executive Officer of Nature's Way Foods, and correct the six mistakes in this


Nature's Way Foods is a drinks-manufacturing company based on the east coast of Ireland. They put chilled product, the majority of which is milk and cheese, into various types of packaging for the major retailers and various food-service companies in Ireland.

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