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Stop Smoking Without Putting on Weight

According to Deborah Lycett, consultant dietitian and researcher at the University of Birmingham, people gain on average 5kg (11lbs) in the year after they stop smoking.

But she urges prospective quitters not to let the prospect of weight gaining deter them in their goal. She points out that the benefits of stopping smoking more than make up for the negatives of putting on weight. Although you may have gained a few pounds, you've stopped smoking and taken a big step toward a healthier life.

“It’s natural to be worried about putting on weight, but the health risks from this weight gaining are far less than if you were to continue smoking,” says Deborah. “The priority is to give up smoking rather than worrying about putting on weight. You can tackle the weight gain later.” There is very little evidence that weight gaining leads to a relapse in people who have given up smoking, she adds.

Deborah Lycett recommends these steps to avoid weight gain after quitting:

Doing more exercise. Regular exercise may prevent about half the weight gain expected after a year of quitting smoking. It burns off calories and reduces cravings for cigarettes. Build up to at least 150 minutes (two-and-a-half hours) of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as fast walking, swimming or cycling, every week. Moderate-intensity activity means working hard enough to make you breathe more heavily than normal and feel slightly warmer than usual. The more exercise you do, the more calories you'll burn.

Useing stop-smoking medicines.Stop-smoking medicines such as nicotine-replacement therapy and the prescription tablets Zyban (bupropion) and Champix (varenicline) can double your chances of quitting successfully and also seem to help reduce weight gain in the first few months.

Postponing your diet. Studies suggest it’s better to tackle stopping smoking first before trying to lose any weight gained while quitting. If you’re really worried about putting on weight, ask your GP to refer you to a dietitian for a dietary plan tailored to your individual needs. This plan will guide you on how much to eat, based on your current weight, age, gender and activity level, and stop you gaining more weight.


(по материалам сайта www. nhs.uk)



Сослагательное наклонение выражает предполагаемое, возможное, желаемое действие. В русском языке сослагательное наклонение выражается глаголом в прошедшем времени, после которого ставится частица «бы» (сделал бы, сходил бы, послушал бы).

Особенности перевода на русский язык:

В зависимости от характера употребления сослагательное наклонение может предаваться на русский язык глаголом с частицейбы, словами чтобы + глагол в прошедшем времени, безличными предложениями (табл. 17).

Таблица 17

Употребление Способ перевода Пример перевода
В простых, главных и придаточных предложениях     Модальный глагол или частица бы + смысловой глагол We are interested in all the suggestions that could be effective in this situation. Мы рассмотрим все предложения, которые могут быть эффективны в этой ситуации. I would like to invite you to our meeting. Мне хотелось бы пригласить вас на наше собрание.
В придаточных приложениях после безличных конструкций: It is best (that) – лучше It is crucial (that) – очень важно It is desirable (that) – желательно It is essential (that) – необходимо It is important (that) – важно It is recommended (that) – рекомендуется It is urgent (that) – крайне необходимо It is vital (that) – существенно после глаголов, выражающих предложение, приказание, пожелание: to recommend –рекомендовать to propose - предлагать to suggest - предлагать to insist - настаивать to demand - требовать to order - приказать to wish - желать и др. Безличное предложение + слова чтобы, если     частица бы + смысловой глагол, слово чтобы It is best that you return today at 6. Будет лучше, если ты вернешься сегодня в 6 часов. It is important that this requirement be met. Крайне важно, чтобы данное требование было выполнено. They insistedthat the new equipment be installed. Они настояли на том, чтобы было установлено новое оборудование. He wishes he could speak five foreign languages. Он хотел бы говорить на пяти иностранных языках.
в условных предложениях Если +(бы) If you would decide to work with us, please write to us. Если вы примете решение работать с нами, пожалуйста, напишите нам.

(Рубцова М. Г., упр. 33, стр. 290-295)


ЗАДАНИЕ 1. Переведете устно предложения. Определите виды сослагательного наклонения и способы его перевода.

1. The disaster might not have happened. 2. It is important that the research be completed in time. 3. The result of the work would be more successful if you developed the plan more thoroughly. 4. You should have been more careful working at your translation. 5. I should like to meet that old woman. I should like to know the details of her childhood. 6. If you could have heard that you would have thought much more of her. 7. I think something like that could surprise you. 8. The teacher insists that everybody be present at the practical lesson. 9. If he had had time yesterday, he would have finished reading a novel. 10. It is important that he know every rule of the ceremony. 11. They didn't mention of this detail lest they be understood by people at the meeting. 12. He insisted that the secretary stamp the letters immediately. 13. If he were me, he would understand what I do. 14. I wish I wrote you earlier. 15. His mother recommended that he should see a specialist about the problem as soon as possible. 16. I wish I had visited to you the day before yesterday. 17. It is unlikely that I would bake this cake by dinner. 18. She suggested that we would see him together. 19. We could have introduced the new method if the device had been delivered in time. 20. It is desirable that this idea be used at once. 21. The young man spoke as if he were an expert in chemistry. 22. Mr. Simpson asked that student submit his research paper before the end of the term.

ЗАДАНИЕ 2. Переведете предложения письменно. Определите виды сослагательного наклонения и способы его перевода.

1. We would appreciate it if you could send us the quality certificates and some samples. If they are of the standard we require, we may be able to place large orders with you (from a business letter). 2. I would have flown to Australia the month before if I didn’t have any urgent business here in Russia. 3. You would have thought he’d have some gratitude. 4. Democracy requires that all people be as free as possible to develop their own capacities. 5. If she had racked her brains for a week she couldn’t have thought of anything that would humiliate him more bitterly. 6. He wished he could afford to run around with people who were richer then he was. 7. You would have thought, but wrongly, that she was perfectly unconscious of the attention her work attracted. 8. It was demanded to assume that there would be no such additions. These additions will increase the size of the circular flow of money and thus the level of activity in the society. 9. It is essential that they be collection of people whose activities be regulated by formal documents such as legislative norms, chapters, instructions, registered rules, bans or permissions sanctioned by the society, organization etc.


ЗАДАНИЕ 3. Переведете письменно предложения.

1. Они настаивали, чтобы работа выполнялась только высококвалифицированными специалистами. 2. Жаль, что они остались в городе с такую хорошую погоду. 3. Необходимо, чтобы они присутствовали на конференции. 4. Если бы террористы были арестованы, их бы выдали стране, откуда они прибыли. 5. Если бы ему пришлось принимать это решение, он бы не сомневался. 6. Все было бы выполнено без ошибок, если бы их предупредили заранее. 7. Маловероятно, что такая тенденция будет иметь место в будущем. 8. Руководитель потребовал, чтобы они навели порядок в документах. 9. Их предложение будет состоять в том, чтобы мы использовали более современную методику. 10. Как жаль, что я не миллионер. 11. Очень важно, чтобы ты был там до того, как придет ваш руководитель.

ЗАДАНИЕ 4. Выполните письменный перевод делового письма. Определите виды сослагательного наклонения и способы его перевода.

Yyonne Pollard

International Shippers Ltd

City House

City Road

London ЕС2 IPС


Dear Ms. Porrard


Thank you for your fax of March.

The Europe sails from Tilbury on March 26 and will arrive in Hamburg on March 28, which appears to suit you your schedule for delivery. Please note, however, that the vessel closes for cargo on 24 March.

You will see from our list of your charges are calculated by cubic meter or cubic kilogram and that we offer substantial rebates for regular shipment.

The most suitable container for you consignment would be half-weight container which is 20’x8’x4’ or, in meters, 6.1x2.4x1.3. This can carry a payload of 18,300 kg. It has a solid removable top, and will protect the metal against all elements.

I suggest that, as the consignment is to be loaded from lorry to sip and then transferred again, you should use our combined transport bill. This would cover the goods from point of acceptance to point of delivery. If you want to come ahead on this basis, please complete the attached export cargo shipping instructions and the export cargo packing instructions and return them to us as soon as possible. Although we accept door-to-door responsibility, we would advise you to take out an all-risk insurance policy, and send a copy of this and three copies of the commercial invoice to us.

We recommend the cargo be marked on at least two sides with a shipping mark which includes the destination port. This should correspond with the mark on your shipping documents.

I look forward to receiving your instructions.


David Muner

Customer Service

International Container plc

London WC 1H 9BH



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