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Exercise 5.Complete the following sentences.

1.Last summer Nick spent his holidays… .

2. His schoolmate moved there some years ago… .

3.He went there… .

4.He booked his ticket.....

5. He rang up the air-travel booking office and reserved a seat for…. .

6."Will you come for your ticket yourself or do you want it delivered?" … .

7. "I'd like my ticket delivered, please," said Nick, because he did not want to waste his time going to the booking office… .

8. The plane to London took off at 9 a.m., but he had to be at the airport an hour before… .

9. Nick's seat was near the porthole and he could see how they took off in St.Petersburg and… .

10.They were flying at a height of six thousand metres, so Nick could see …

Exercise 6. Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.

Most people enjoy going (1) ........ for their holidays, and having the opportunity to (2) .......... in an interesting city or a seaside (3) ....... . If you speak (4) ...... languages, you can make new friends, and (5) ..... home some interesting (6) ....... as presents. But before you can do that, you have to (7) ....... your destination, and that is often a problem! If you fly, then you may find that your flight has been (8) ....... . (9) ....... by train can also be difficult, since trains are often (10) ...... in the summer, and you might have to reserve a (11) ....... in advance. Whichever way you (12) ...... , you can have problems with your (13) ....... , and it is often difficult to find good (14) ........ . Apart from this, you might not be to afford the (15) ...... !


1. A out B forward Cabroad D foreign

2. A remain B pass C spend D stay


3. A resort Bpost C too D one


4. A strange B stranger C foreigner D foreign


5. A fetch Btake C go D get


6. A memories B souvenirs C memoirs D recollections


7. A reach Barrive C go D travel


8. A waited B reversed C delayed D booked


9. A Journeys B Travels C Voyages D Passes


10. A filling B occupied C overdone D crowded


11. A post B chair C seat D position


12. A voyage Btravel C trip D tour


13. A baggages B luggage C goods D sacks


14. A staying B homes C lodges D accommodation


15. A fare B fair C far D fur

Exercise 7 .Insert the words.

1.Last summer Nick ______ his holidays in London. 2.He _______ his ticket in advance. 3."I'd like my ticket _________, please," said Nick. 4. He did not want to waste his time going to the booking office and standing _________. 5. Nick's seat was near__________ and he could see how they took off in St.Petersburg and landed in London. 6.The hostess offered the passengers some _______ and soft drinks. 7.When at last his turn came, he said to the booking-office clerk: "Please, I want a ticket to St.Petersburg for the fourth of August with _________ in Moscow.” 8.When he arrived in Moscow, he___________ the time-table and saw that there were ten trains to ST.Petersburg. 9. It did not take him long ________ his ticket. 10.Nick had a lower ________ in a separate compartment.

Exercise 8. Fill in prepositions where necessary.

1. You needn't go ... the booking-office: it is possible to book ... phone ... advance. 2. Please, I want two lower berths ... the Almaty express ... Saturday, the second ... May. 3. I was looking ... the porthole and saw how our plane took ... . 4. I can give you one upper berth ... a separate compartment. 5. The train ... Astana leaves ... eleven-twenty-three. 6. When did you last travel ... railway? 7. Arriving ... the station where he was to change ... the Almaty train, he went ... the inquiry office to find out what platform his train started ... . 8. Our plane took ... ... nine o'clock ... the morning. 9. It takes you only an hour to get ... Aktobe ... plane. 10. I could not get a ticket ... a plane and had to stand ... a long queue to get a seat ... a train ... Paris.

Exercise 9.


Exercise 10. Agree or disagree with following statements.


1.Last summer Nick spent his holidays in the Crimea.

2.He went there by train.

3.The plane to London took off at 6 a.m., but he had to be at the airport an hour before to register his ticket.

4.The hostess offered the passengers some snacks and soft drinks.

5. The way back was pleasant.

6. Nick could not get a ticket for a plane.

7. He had to stand in a long queue to get a ticket for a plane.

8. "I am sorry," said the booking -office clerk, "there are no tickets for a through train to St.Petersburg.

9. When he arrived in Moscow, he consulted the time-table and saw that there were 5 trains to ST.Petersburg.

10. In the morning he was in ST.Petersburg.


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