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Exercise 19. Speak about your holidays.



Exercise 1.Write your first association about “University”:


Exercise 2.Learn the following active vocabulary:

full-time ( day-time ) -күндізгі

department - бөлім

homeassignment- үй тапсырмасы

term- семестр

skills- біліктілік

broadoutlook- кең көзқарас

tutor - муғалім

chair (woman, man) - кафедра (меңгеруші)

dean - декан

scientific - ғылыми

research- зерттемелік

well- educated- жоғары сауатты

toenterthe university- университетке түсу (қабылдану)

tocomeeasy-жеңіл қабылдау

work by fits and starts- жеңіл-желпіжұмыс істеу

fail at the exam- емтиханды тапсыра алмау

atone`sdisposal- қарамағында болу

Tch.В. –Bacheloroftechnics –техника ғылымдарының бакалавры

graduate from – жоғары оқу орнын бітіру

undergraduate – 4 курс студенті

junior student – 1 курс студенті

senior student- 2-3 курс студент

graduate –түлек

tomaster - игеру

to deliver lectures - дәріс жүргізу

to conduct classes and seminars - сабақ және семинар жүргізу

Exercise 3.Discuss the following words and expressions:

to enroll - to work by fits and starts-

applicant -to work regularly-

to acquire - to make progress-

to get good (bad) marks-

to admit -to fail at the exams-

to refresh -to attend lectures-

research work- to be strong in -

to be weak in-to catch up with the group-

course of studies -to take an exam in-

lecture on - to pass an exam in-

seminar on- curriculum-


Exercise 4.Read and translate the text.


I finished school in June and entered Aktobe Regional State University. Aktobe regional State University is one of the biggest scientific and research centres in West Kazakhstan. The university trains teachers, economists, lawyers, psychologists, interpreters, engineers and experts in information systems. The university has full-time (day-time) department and part-time (extra-mural) one.

There are many chairs in our university. Tutors, lecturers, candidates of sciences and leading professors deliver lectures, conduct seminars and classes, help the students to master their future profession. The students have to do their best to acquire necessary knowledge. They must attend all lectures and practical hours. Besides they must never miss seminars and lab classes. They have to prepare their home assignments regularly. The students have good conditions for their study. There are libraries, reading halls, computer classes, and dining-rooms in each building of the university. Besides the internet is at our disposal. The usual course of training at the university lasts 4 years. The academic year is divided into two terms. Terminal examinations are held in January and in Mai. Many students receive scholarships and are provided with hostel accommodation.

I am a full- time student of technical faculty. The faculty trains engineers, oil-men, metallurgist, builders, architects and etc. The students try to get profound knowledge in technics and other sciences. Besides we carry out research work and gain profession skills.Undergraduates specializing in technics for four years take Ec.B. degree after submitting their diploma works.

Our student`s life is very intensive, I should say.We are usually very busy. We are given one or two lectures a day. Then we have a seminar and a class in English. At English lessons we read and translate texts, discuss and solve different problems. English is my favourite subject and it comes easy to me.

I am strong in many subjects but Maths is my weak point. I work hard at it. Sometimes if students work by fits and starts they fail at the exams. But if you don’t miss classes and work regularly you are sure to make good progress and get good marks.University means a lot for me and it isn’t just learning and studying. I had made good friends there and met many interesting people.

I am sociable, so I have got a lot of friends among my group mates. As for me I appreciate people`s honesty, kindness, sense of justice and intelligence.

Thus, future specialists must be energetic, communicative, must know computer and information technologies, as well as foreign languages, at least, Eng­lish. As for me, I am not sure in what field I am going to work but I know that well- educated people with broad outlook and deep knowledge of the subject are very important for the development and prosperity of the country.


Exercise 5.Answer the questions.

1. What kind of universities is Aktobe State University?

2. What specialists does the university train?

3. What departments does the university have?

4. What must students do to acquire necessary knowledge?

5. What conditions do the students have for their study?

6. How many years does the usual course of training at the university last?

7. What faculty does the author study at?

8. Do all the students receive grants?

9. Are students very busy?

10. What are the requirements for the future specialists?

Exercise 6.Express your agreement or disagreement.

1. Aktobe Regional State University is one of the biggest scientific and research centres in East Kazakhstan.

2. Undergraduates of the university will become engineers and experts in information systems.

3. Students must attend only lectures.

4. Students don`t have to do homework regularly.

5. Students have good conditions for their study

6. The academic year is divided into three terms.

7. The author studies economics and information technologies.

8. Mathematics doesn`t come easy to him.

9. Ifstudents work by fits and starts they make good progress and get good marks.

  1. Future specialists must be sociable and must know foreign languages.


Exercise 7.Characteristics and Contexts

“What does a journalist do? Journalists write stories about what happens in the world. They talks with people and ask them questions.

Where does a journalist work? Journalists works for a newspaper or magazine.

What does a journalist look like? Most journalists are men. They carry a notebook and pencil. They can carry a camera or a video camera.” These things can be written in the form of a table:


Profession? Does? Works in...? Has…?
Journalist Write news stories Newspaper, magazine, television Notebook, pencil, camera, computer


Exercise 8.Give one suitable word for each definition:

mathematics, internet, academic year, foreign language,economics,communicate, lecture, enroll,grant,graduate from

1. An international computer system that allows people all over the world to find and send information using their computers.

2. The period of the year during which students attend an educational institution, usually from September to June.

3. A language that people speak in another country.

4. An educational talk to an audience, especially to students in a university or college.

5. The study of how a country or area manages business and money

6. To exchange information with other people, for example by speaking

7. The study of science of numbers , shapes and measuring things

8. A sum of money, given by an organization or government for a particular purpose.

9. Successfully complete an academic degree or course of training or high school

10. To put yourself or someone else onto the official list of members of a course, college or group

Exercise 9.Complete each sentence. Use a word from the box.

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